How do I get a custom piece of art made just for me?

If you'd like to commission some custom artwork, you can e-mail me or use the contact form!


Where can I purchase your prints, jewelry and other ready-made items?

If you'd like to buy some of my ready made artwork or prints, you can visit my Etsy Shop or Society6 Store.  Soon you'll also be able to purchase right here on my official website!  I'm working on my very own integrated e-commerce storefront as we speak.

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How do I request your photography services?

If you'd like to work with me on my photography, you can use the contact form!

Although I would love to be booked to a maximum "9-5" schedule, I'm currently dealing with some autoimmune and long term health issues at the moment.  This means I've had to slow-up a little on taking a lot of private photography clients, but I aim to be back up to speed sooner rather than later!


How can I support your creations & your digital content without making a purchase?

Well shucks, thanks for asking!! I truly appreciate my audience, fans and patrons to the millionth degree.

If still you'd like to support my work aside from (or in addition to) the options above,  you can hit the donate button below or simply  by clicking right here.

Your contributions will help support my continuous creative content making (especially on days when my chronic illnesses win the knockout round.)