What do you do?

I create custom artwork for ready-made sales as well as patron commissioned pieces.  I tell terrible jokes.   I also moonlight as a private hire product & food photographer.

Who are you?

I'm Ellen, the artist and one-woman show behind Imaginarium Creative Studios. I paint, draw, take photos, pet dogs, and make/eat delicious food.  I am a native of New Jersey, although my heart lives in the mountains of New Hampshire.  Currently powering through life as a Chronic Illness Warrior whilst I battle multiple chronic illnesses & autoimmune issues.

What is your aesthetic and message?

My artwork is influenced by a really wide, eclectic range of interests -- I most enjoy working with bold line-work, geometric patterns and vivid color palettes; my top media are watercolor, pen & ink, and colored pencil. I have a serious case of wanderlust, and thus influenced by traditional cultural & religious artwork from around the globe. It's also no secret that I love to indulge in nerdy pursuits like literature, movies, cartoons, comics/graphic novels & unleashing "dad jokes" on unsuspecting audiences.

My loudest pieces of art often carry themes of: respect for nature, gender equality, LGBTQ awareness, spirituality & mysticism, female empowerment, and celebrating my tribe of my fellow offbeat weirdos!

Sometimes I create just for the sake of creating.  There is nothing wrong with making something just to make the world a little brighter, a little more beautiful.  Nothing harm done having fun making a little fan art, or some pretty abstract swirls of paint just because it's enjoyable! 

My accessories, jewelry and fashion inspiration come from the dramatic realms of movies, theatre and can't forget my faves - drag queens!  I support wearing what makes YOU feel good and makes YOU happy. Damn the man and f*ck the mainstream, dude.  Be yourself.  Be fearless.  Do something a little funky just because it makes you feel good!