Looking for a gift with a truly personal touch? Custom Artwork makes an incredible gift for your friends and loved ones.

If you’re looking for a truly original, one-of-a-kind work of art you’ve come to the right place! I cater to a wide variety of interests, genres and styles. Let’s chat and find out what fun new project ideas you’ve got!

Non-Mural Artwork is priced per square inch. Mural Artwork is priced per square foot.
Payment plans are available in 3-month or 6-month increments at discretion of Artist.
Please inquire for current rates and pricing. Deposits are required prior to beginning any commissioned artwork.



Stuck in a creative rut? Want to get creative, but not sure where to begin? Need a little pep talk out of Art Block?

Creative Coaching sessions are available on a limited basis. We will sit together and find out how to spark your creative interests and ignite your passion. This is not an Art Lesson. It is an investigation into what drives you, what moves you, and what you’re passionate about.

Let’s work together to get you into the habit of a conscious, personal, daily creative practice in however you choose to define that for yourself!



Looking to pare down and spruce up your current Artist Portfolio?

Not sure which pieces in your body of work are the strongest or speak loudest about who you are as an Artist?

Let’s work together and have you put your best foot forward in the realm of presentation!

Portfolio reviews are available online or in person for nominal rates. Bring your current portfolio, a selection of personal favorite pieces of artwork, and a few piece of recent work and we will put together a totally boss Final Portfolio!


All fees must be paid in full prior to Artist releasing Non-Mural Artwork to Patron. All fees must be paid in full by Patron on last work-day of Mural Artwork projects. Artist reserves the right to resell artwork to Another Party if invoice/agreement remains unpaid after agreed upon time period; Patron will not be reimbursed by Artist for any previously paid payments/fees. Please refer to individual contracts/agreements for details and “Fine Print.”Adjustments made to final design may be billed at additional rates as per Artist on any/all Non-Mural Artwork. Shipping fees and insurance may be applied to Non-Mural Artwork. Adjustments made to final design may be billed at additional rates as per Artist on any/all Mural Artwork. Square footage minimum applies to Mural Artwork. Consultation and/or mileage fees may be applied to any in-person meetings. Additional policies may be adjusted or added per individual contract.