Policies and Principles

Do you accept returns or exchanges? Why does your artwork cost these prices? Can I save up for some art and do a payment plan? Why don’t you offer Free 2-Day Shipping like Amazon? Do you have more details on a particular listing?

At this time I do not accept returns and all items are a final sale. However, if you have a question or problem with your order, please contact me within 14 days of receiving your items to resolve any issues. I want all of my patrons to be happy and satisfied with my goods and services!

My business is essentially a one-woman show which supports my day-to-day existence and living expenses. As much as I’d love to give y’all free 2 day shipping, I am unfortunately not Jeff Bezos Rich…alas. All of my work is fairly priced based on cost of materials, product photography, production time/labour, marketing and advertising, taxes and fees, packaging supplies, shipping and transportation costs, etc.

See something that you like, but can’t afford it all in one go? Let’s chat! I’m flexible and accommodating with payment plans for larger items. I also have a range of affordably priced artwork in smaller sizes for folks who want original art on a budget for one set price!

I try to include as much information as possible in my listings about size, dimensions, weight, materials, etc where applicable. If you desire additional information, please use the CONTACT form under the info tab — You may send the link to the product in question and your inquiry.


Why buy handcrafted work from small artists, support their crowdfunding efforts, or buy into their Patreon tiers? Do my dollars and support make THAT big of a difference?

Buying art directly from your local artists and craftspeople puts the money directly into our pockets! Instead of galleries or print-on-demand companies taking a portion of our sales (anywhere from 5%-50% in fees and commissions), you’re supporting our small, independent businesses and sticking it to the man. (YEAH! You go, Glen Coco! You big ol’ rebel!)

Real human beings supporting other real human beings has real world impact. Each sale of our work or dollar towards our funding campaigns means we can put a roof over our heads and food on the table. You might be helping to support a side-hustle that is helping put someone through school without debt, paying back student loans, caring for a relative, affording childcare, paying for medical costs, etc. Disabled artists also often use their studio practices an alternative to the prohibiting tasks of most traditional work environments; running your own business means setting an accommodating, flexible schedule to work at their own pace and within their personal limitations. Each independent creator has their own “WHY” behind their work — don’t be afraid to ask about their passion and motivation. We love sharing our motivations and inspirations with others; connecting with other cool humans is one of the best parts of being an independently run creative business!

Indie artists are most often Master-of-All-Trades wearing many hats to get the job done (artist, designer, production team, marketing, packing-and-shipping, inventory…) Remember to have a little patience, too! The making process may take a bit longer than anticipated. Shipping might be a little slower than Amazon Prime. There’s a lot of love and labour behind handmade works, and we’re all just doing our best! Supporting small creators means supporting real human beings with real lives, and we’re all real thankful for people like you.

Hiring local artisans and creators via your patronage also allows them to expand their studio beyond a tiny business run from bedrooms by themselves to potential brick-and-mortar stores or studios with a team behind them! You’re creating economic growth in your local communities; the artists you buy from live, work, play, and show in your own back yard! Next time you’re in the market for a gift for a loved one or a treat-yo-self present for yourself — forgo the knockoffs and predators like Wish, AliExpress, Forever21, H&M, etc. Buy art from living artists, the dead ones don’t need it (and neither do corporations!) Make sure your support goes towards independent business folk following their passions and making their dreams a reality.

The TLDR is: YES! Every dollar and cent you put towards small business and indie makers is most assuredly making big waves. When you buy from a local artist and support indie creators, you’ll get a collective thank you of the most EPIC proportions from all of us “little guys” — WE THINK YOU’RE AWESOME!!!

Regarding Commission Work and Private Sales of Ready-Made Items:

Policies on comission and custom work and sale of items: Commissions will be created in the order that they are received, annd there may be a short wait time from the placement of request to project completion. Custom Artwork is created on a first-come, first-serve basis unless an express need for priority is given by Patron/Client. Deposits paid to Artist/Business on custom commission projects are nonrefundable. Shipping costs are estimated by Artist/Business to the best of their ability; actual shipping costs may be less than estimate. "Shipping costs" refers to packaging/mailers and postage/tracking fees. Large overages of estimates on shipping may be refunded back to customer. Shipping prices in USD. International items will be shipped via USPS First Class Mail to reduce shipping costs to Client/Patron unless otherwise requested. Artist/Business is not responsible for any additional fees/taxes/import costs etc due customer upon shipment arriving in their state/province/county/country. Artist/Business takes all precautions possible to ensure safety of item being shipped. However, once item is in hands of postal service, Artist/Business is not responsible for damage to artwork during shipping/delivery, lost/stolen items, etc. Invoices which remain unpaid more than thirty (30) days after Client/Patron has been notified of completion of work will be considered delinquent. Clients/Patrons needing additional time for payment must contact artist within the first thirty (30) days of project completion to request extended payment plan. Once invoices/orders are considered delinquent, Artist/Business reserves the right to sell item on unpaid order/invoice to 3rd party for cost of remainder of invoice. All Clients will be sent contractual invoice for all custom work or ready-made sales: 50% Non-Refundable Deposit due Before Work is Started; Remaining 50% due upon client approval of initial design. 1st revision is free; additional revisions charged per each. Three (3) or Six (6) Month payment plans available subject to artist approval. Worldwide shipping is available and Additional Shipping Charges May Apply; Items will not be shipped until bill paid in full. Artist reserves the right to sell commission work to other interested parties if full payment not remitted by due date on contractual agreement. No returns or exchanges on custom orders.