About Me

My name is Ellen and I hail from the Pork Roll Capital of the world: New Jersey.  I don't like writing stuffy artist biographies or dry business philosophy posts.  I love Bruce Springsteen, Asbury Park, going "down the shore", and Diner french fries.  I like long walks off short piers.  I love puns and dad jokes, and live for the related Monday Punday posts I post to my social media.  I drink way too much coffee.  I love New Hampshire.  I believe all dogs are puppers, and will stop to pet them all if possible.  I like to pretend I'm really good at hula hooping; I mostly have just one trick where I can spin it from one wrist to the other, but it makes me look really cool.  I was raised on a healthy diet of literature and classic films.  Also, I can probably quote more of Ferris Bueller and Star Wars than you.  I'm a firm supporter in the Halloween All Year Round campaign, and live for October 31st.  I dig drag queens as role models for fashion and creativity and personal aesthetic.  I have multiple chronic illnesses, but I'm not letting it stop me from achieving my dreams.  I'm obsessed with neutral color palettes for interiors, because then you never have to worry about your art collection matching the furniture. I like houseplants.  I don't eat meat, but really love brussel sprouts and kale.  I'd love to have tea with Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer when I grow up.  I'm pretty sure this bio sounds more like a dating profile, but hey, at least it's not boring.

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How It All Started

All of my life I loved to create.

My mother always said I was "born with a crayon in my hand."  You may say "Nay! That's ridiculous. Fetuses can't gestate whilst crayons in their hand, because those compounds are not in our genetic material", but you best be believing it.  How else would you explain that at just 2 years old I created my first masterpiece wall mural!?  I called it "Humans Walking Their Pet Porcupines", and quite frankly, I'm not sure I've created an equivalent masterpiece yet (though I'm sure as hell going to try.)  The piece was 8ft tall by 6ft wide, and it was created in big, bold, sweeping lines done in unwashable black Crayola crayons on freshly applied wallpaper.  It was, quite simply, magnificent!  I hear you saying "Why, dear Ellen, that's ridiculous.  How can you be so sure that you created a masterpiece at 2 years old?!  The enthusiastic exclamations by my mother upon its first viewing are what I consider to be sheer proof of my artistic genius: "OH MY. ELLEN. WHAT IS THIS. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH JUST ONE BLACK CRAYON. I AM SPEECHLESS. THOSE LINES. AND PORCUPINES? REALLY? ARE THOSE PEOPLE?! WOW. JUST WOW."  I mean, what else could my mother have meant by such exuberant shouts but pure joy and utter disbelief at my magnificent skills! I digress from my origin story with theatrics. Apologies.

Anyway.... Before I knew it, I was utterly hooked and immersed in my creative pursuits with unbridled passion.  The Crayola, Fisher Price, Apple IIG, and first Wacom tablet soon gave way to Sennelier, Liquitex, Canon, Intuous Pro, and iMacs. I drew every day and every waking moment (which in my teenage years was a lot, as I'm pretty sure I was mostly nocturnal.)  After several years at Art School, I decided that path wasn't for me and went out into the world to do my own thing (aka I got a job to pay for my hefty student loans I had amassed at a for-profit-art-university....JOY!)  As I hit my 20s I knew something bigger was calling out to me, and the void of a 9-to-5 life couldn't fulfill me like my art could!  And so in late 2010 I began the arduous journey to professional artistry.  Fueled on nothing save dreams and mere fumes (paint fumes to be exact) Imaginarium Creative Studios was born at the dawn of the new year, 2011.

Cut to 2018: I've given my business a name change and my work is more focused, but it's no less imaginative by any means.  I've branched out from focusing solely content creation, and idipped my toes in the water of arts education.  Things have evolved with my creative spirit beyond my wildest dreams, and it hasn't always been an easy journey, but I wouldn't change it for anything!  I'm here to spread my infectious positivity and cheer, screaming loud and proud at anyone who will listen (and, let's face it, even at those who won't!) to proclaim to the world that rainbows are, indeed, for everyone!

Creative Philosophy

The belief that everyone has creative juju in their soul, and that all of the colors are for everyone are at the heart of my existence.  I aim to inspire others to try their hand at creative arts making.  

It is my mission to show people the power of the arts as a political movement as well, by incorporating social themes into my work. My loudest pieces of art often carry themes of: gender equality, LGBTQIA awareness, female empowerment, human rights, respect for nature and the environment.

And then sometimes I create just for the sake of creating!  There is nothing wrong with making art just to make the world a little brighter, a little more beautiful.  You'd be hard pressed to find much else as magical just relishing in the  energy of pure creative joy.

“Life is sometimes hard. Things go wrong, in life and in love and in business and in friendship and in health and in all other ways that life can go wrong. And when things get tough, this is what you should do. Make good art.”
— Neil Gaiman