Muppet Fabric Bohemian Tear Drop Earrings Variation Twelve

Muppet Fabric Bohemian Tear Drop Earrings Variation Twelve


These gorgeous, elegant, bohemian style earrings are made with reclaimed and recycled sari silk chiffon yarn. Handwoven and knotted in a gorgeous gradient over metal teardrops. Earring wire is Silver Plated.

You are purchasing and original handmade jewelry; item is intended as special occasion wear. Avoid exposing your bespoke jewelry to extreme heat, humidity, or moisture/water. Please see Additional Info notes for Care and Keeping of your new jewelry!

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Caring and Keeping of Original Artworks, Photographs, and Prints:

  • The most important advice we can impart is that your painting/print/photograph should be framed; we recommend framing by a professional if possible. Putting your precious original painting or drawing behind glass/plexiglass will preserve it for years to come. Glass/Plexiglass protects it from damage by environmental elements like dust, humidity, UV rays, and oils from human hands (or sticky paws of our pets!)

  • Do not hang the artwork in direct sunlight. Even though many professional art materials are considered “lightfast”, placing artwork or photographs directly in the sun can do severe damage such as fading pigment or colors. Rotating artwork from room to room or by season can help ensure your piece gets a little less exposure to direct sun for extended periods of time.

  • Choose a safe location for your artwork! Consider the location and what environmental damages may occur there. Most artwork is not suitable for long term exposure to humidity of bathrooms, grease or steam from kitchen cooking, or smoke/ash/soot from fireplaces. That’s not to say you cannot hang things in those places, but adequate protection or understanding damage risks of that placement are key. Be thoughtful when choosing a location for your new art baby!

Care and Keeping of Bespoke Jewelry and/or Accessories:

  • Your jewelry piece is a one-of-a-kind item which is handmade with care and attention to quality and detail.

  • If your item contains natural fabrics, hand-dyed elements, paper beads, and/or vintage components, we recommend storing your items in a safe place such as a jewelry box. Over time things such as humidity, sunlight, oils from our hands, pet hair/dander, home products, and other environmental factors can accelerate damage to your special occasion pieces. Keeping them protected from extraneous damage outside of normal wear-and-tear can keep them beautiful for years to come.

  • To avoid tarnishing on precious metals, store your items in a jewelry box and clean your jewelry by hand with specialized jewelry cleaning fluid (available at most jewelers.)

  • Bespoke jewelry pieces are generally recommended for use by adults; use by teenagers and/or children is at customer’s discretion. Some decorative elements or vintage components may not be safe for all skin allergies. Please read product descriptions carefully to choose the correct product for your needs.

A note on product imagery versus original item — Items are professionally photographed and colour corrected to the best of our abilities. We do our best to ensure that products are represented as accurately to the original as possible, but some colour variance may occur. However, due to your personal monitor/screen settings, color calibration, environmental lighting, and/or screen brightness please be aware some image colors may appear different on screen as they do in person.

Theft prevention methods in the form of website address, ghost-text and light, transparent text or descriptions may appear on some product imagery. Watermarks used in product images will not appear on products; watermarked imagery is there to prevent theft and unauthorized copies/reselling of artist’s original works. Unfortunately, the internet is sometimes a nasty place and folks like to cash in on bogus reproductions of original work!