Happy Halloween, B*tches!

Halloween is my favorite season.

Yes, you heard that right - IT ARE MOST CERTAINLY A SEASON H'OKAY!!?  Disagree? I'll fight you!  I live for Halloween, I tell you. (I mean, in my head, it's Halloween all year round, but apparently that's frowned upon by the general public.  Oh well, sucks to be them and how boring their brains must be. PUH!)  My Halloween activities and festive celebrating begin on September 1st.  I queue up some Halloween music and blast it whilst I cover my dwelling in all things orange and purple!  I make a playlist on various channels of creepy movies, shows, and clips to watch.  I count down the days til my first #PSL of the season.  I pull all of my autumn flavored teas to the front of the line in the cabinets.  The pantry gets stocked with cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, allspice, brown sugar and as many cans of pumpkin puree as I can muster.  It's a rollicking good time.  I immerse myself in all forms of visible creepy celebrations and I don't care if anyone thinks September is too early.  Just call me the Mayor of Halloween Town, eh?  Halloween is life.  I digress.... 

Anyway...the point of this blog post is actually so that I can share with you some festive and creepy little art in the form of a Halloweeny piece of fan art.  I've got a little video timelapse drawing of Pennywise the Clown from IT (the 2017 version...that old mini series version with Tim Curry still gives me a panic attack, HA.)  The image is made on a black 2.5"x3.5" cotton fiber card and completed in Prismacolor Colored Pencils, Prismacolor ink pens and GellyRoll gel pens.

Click the video below and come visit me at the Riot Nerd Halloween Craft Bazaar in Philly on October 15th to check out this piece and more!