Nuturing Creative Youth: Why We Should Assume Less Listen to Kids, and Support STEAM Programming


Whenever I get the chance to work with youth artists, I seize the moment and jump into my work with great gusto.

A few weeks back, an awesome friend connected me with some amazing tiny humans at a Girl Scouts “What a Girl Can Be” event.

We painted and drew things and did experimental art and talked about art. We discussed what kind of art they like to make, and how they make it. We talked about what you can do to feel creative, and how to see things differently and be inspired. We played the doodle game and practiced thinking outside the box. We learned a little about collaborative art and how to share. We talked about creative goals and what we can use art for.


I swear to goodness I’ve never experienced such a blitz of energy, passion, focused ambition, and pure joy as amazing as one finds when working with children. These kids can teach us adults so much more about the world, and how to see things clearly. I think people should give kids more credit and independence, and less micro-managing and “rule based learning.” I was there today so that I could show these girls a cool career and encourage female empowerment and workplace equality. And when I left there?? I swear I had more clarity on my own professional path thanks to their inquisitive minds and honest questions & answers.

You don’t have to have your own kids or love being around them to be able to foster their education and exploration. Placing your vote for “YES” on funding arts education, STEM/STEAM programming, purchasing needed supplies to donate to libraries/schools, giving food to local food banks, etc etc etc. You can use your vote to help children without ever having to be by them if you don’t enjoy it LOL, but I really recommend giving them a shot at conversation.

Speaking with these girls gave me even more renewed hope for a bright future when our current world politics are bleak. We can all do very simple things to ensure our youth of today becomes the force of change in their adulthood for our future as a planet. Think twice before you make an action that could even residually adversely affect the youth of our communities. Build them up, and give them a chance.

Don’t assume you know everything just because you’re a grownup. Many a wise thing has been said by a child, and we would all do well to listen and learn!!!


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Ellen Avigliano