Create Your Own Magic: Creative Goal Setting


One of my 2018 goals was to get into the groove with a personal drawing habit on the daily.  I always make sure to put a sketchbook in my bag now. I carry it with me everywhere, just in case I need to create. Too many times I carry all my supplies and then leave them by the wayside! But this year I decided keeping a personal sketchbook would be a good habit creatively and personally for emotional release. I would recommend it to everyone and anyone: make yourself a personal sketchbook and just enjoy the art of making something from nothing, focusing on the joy of pure creativity.

When it comes to keeping a personal sketchbook, I don’t think there is a right or wrong. That’s why it’s so important to have just for you, with no obligation to share to anyone else! You won’t be comparing, just learning and practicing and getting into a routine with your materials.

Too often I neglect things that have no purpose but pure creating, because I’m busy with “branded style” and themes for subjects. Having a sketchbook with no purpose, but to draw for myself, it’s really a freeing and contemplative experience. When you’re an artist for financial sustenance, it can be easy to get swept up in an “all work, no pleasure” mode more often than not. (That’s not to say professional artists don’t have pleasurable work when we take commissions or make work that’s in brand!) It can be good to sketch or scribble or collage or whatever with no real aim for gains.

There’s something entirely different about that kind of creative energy 🙂

Setting creative goals like this and making time for your personal creative motivation is easy.

Think long and concentrate on what sort of goals you'd like to achieve with your creativity.  It's good to set both long and short term points to aim for.  I highly recommend your first step be "Create on a daily basis."  This might sound daunting, but it doesn't have to be!  Creativity can come in any sort of form imaginable.  It could be how you place your food on the plate at dinner time, doodling on a post-it note, accessorizing your wardrobe in a fun or funky manner, etc.  It can come in the form of doodling for 5 minutes with your morning coffee, and give your day a jolt of creative thinking.  You can choose to be creative on your lunch break with a personal sketchbook.  You can doodle on the commute to and from home or work on public transit.  You can make sure to take one photograph every day - be it with your camera or your smart phone.

Start small, but aim big!

What goals are you going to set for yourself to increase your creative opportunities?

 What skills do you want to learn or improve upon before the year is out?  

Can you set aside 5 to 15 minutes in your day to make space for your inspired mind?

How can you find ways to make time for your artwork or music or writing or other creative passion?

Make some space for your personal creative self, and you'll be soaring sky-high on all that inspiration and joy.

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