Own Your Creativity: Harnessing Potential as an Artist and Defining Your Purpose


Own your motivation behind your art, your creativity, and outlet of expression!

Not everyone wants to create to be seen and heard by others - some do it just for themselves and it's awesome. Some want to be known, seen, accepted, consumed and embraced for their makes and designs. Some don't want the glory or success and satisfaction of a show or a sale - they merely want quiet, personal creativity. All of these options are valid points of view and all are acceptable, but make the distinction for yourself and own it!

Find your way, run down that path full speed, but don't waste anyone's time asking for directions we all know you're not gonna follow.

It's cool if you wanna just make art for yourself as your creative outlet and passion, but own that as your option for creative freedom.

Don't say you want to be a recognized artist or a career artist or showing artist if you're not even gonna try and only make excuses.

Don't say one thing and do the opposite.

Find your reason and your motivation and embrace it...Don't make excuses, blame others, build your brick walls, and then complain when you've "got not time or opportunity." That's uncool, man.

Create for the sake of creating and the joy that process brings. Stop overthinking it, critizing yourself so hard, and just let the art be.

Own your shit.

Put your art out there however you wish, but don't make excuses for why it doesn't exist.

Be an artist in however you see fit to define the word, or don't, but choose one.

Commit. Work. Achieve. Make.

Own your creativity and your art!

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Ellen Avigliano