Superheroine Mini Paintings

When I find that I'm feeling down and out, a little tattered and torn, I find myself wishing for a super hero to come and save the day.  Even those who do heroic things in life sometimes need a hero of their own to swoop in with help!   The truth is, no one is going to come and save any of us....not from disaster, from others and least of all from ourselves.  The thing about life is that we all have to find our own way through the darkness.  What can we do that will make our capes flow in the wind when we feel like we're falling thirty stories instead?  We are all capable of doing some pretty amazing things, but we just need to put our minds to it.  Sometimes, the catalyst we need starts with just the smallest of sparks!  You don't need a scientist's lab to give you mutant super powers.  You don't need an alien star to give you super strength.  The only thing you need to do great things in life is a little faith in yourself.  Find something that inspires you, a reason to get out of bed in the morning, something to revive your sense of honor and pride, and embrace it wholeheartedly every second of your day.  Grow that light of strength deep inside you, and let it burn brightly.  Don't be afraid to ask your team of super friends for help when you need support, but always bear in mind you're the only one who can save yourself.  You got this.



Ellen Avigliano